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when I say NFTY

...you say MAR

Moishe Moose
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Shalom and welcome to NFTY's Mid-Atlantic Region! NFTY-MAR brings together Reform Jewish Teens from North Carolina, eastern West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and far-eastern Tennessee. Our members come together at many times during the year for learning, fun, worship, community service, and fellowship to help young Jewish adults throughout the region build and strengthen lifetime ties with each other and Reform Judaism.

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Just as in NFTY-MAR, this community is a happy place. We are nice to each other. Whether you’re in MAR, another region, another youth group, or not even Jewish, you’re always welcome in this community as long as you mind your manners.


1.This community is about pretty much anything related to NFTY, MAR, Judaism, Israel and Jewish teen life.Discussions are welcome, as are graphics, pictures, suggestions, or just a hello.Try not to get too off topic, though!

2.Be nice all the time

3.Debate is a good thing.We’re all allowed to have different opinions, but we all have to respect others’ opinions.There’s a difference between disagreeing and flaming.

4.Don’t flame other members.

5.Don’t post hateful topics about Judaism, member or staff of NFTY, or anything hateful in general.

6.LJ CUTS:If it’s big, put it behind and LJ cut (learn how here).This includes big pictures, Memes or quizzes, and more than three graphics.Not everybody has high speed Internet and we all hate when a page takes forever to load.

As long as these rules are followed, this will remain an open community. You can join it, friend it or just check in every once in awhile. All members have posting access. HOWEVER, if this community starts to get hit up by mean, obnoxious people, the community will be members only. Seriously, I’m a very open-minded person, but I have zero tolerance for hating, obnoxiousness and closed-mindedness.

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This is a community, after all, so let’s actually make it one.

If you have a webpage related to NFTY or Judaism (such as TYG page, a personal page, or a photos page), post a comment on this entry, with a title for your page, and it will be advertised on the community’s journal.

If you have a hoda’a (a message) about something related to NFTY, for example, a TYG event that other NFTYites can come to, post your Hoda’a as a comment on this entry, with all the information for your event, and it will be advertised on the community journal and User info.

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NEXT EVENT: Summer Kallah.

Congratulations to the 06-07 NFTY MAR Board:
President: Lauren Godles
PVP: Andrew Morstein
SAVP: Eric Frenkil
RCVP: Laura Miller
CVP: David Rose-Carmack
Northern MVP: Ben Fuld
Eastern MVP: Michael Lobel
Western MVP: Amanda Litman
Southern MVP: Josh Dinner

Also congrats to Mark Swick and Seth Gordon Lipkin for being elected as the 06-07 NFTY RCVP & MCVP, respectively!